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ABC Professional Development Program

(Leading to your "ABC Certified Wedding Planner" designation)

ABC offers the most comprehensive training and career support in the wedding industry. Order your ABC Professional Development Program today. The five individual sections are $ 119 each, for a total of $ 595, or you can order the complete program at once as most people do, and you capture a 20% savings for a price of $ 475. The course is available in 3 formats . . . On-Line . . . Hard Copy . . .or via a CD.

The program is for ABC members only, so if you are not yet a member of ABC, please add the $ 220 first-year membership cost to your order, bringing your investment to $ 695. This is a small investment to get your prepared to have fun and earn extra income in the $ 80 Billion wedding industry.

We look forward to working with you.

To Activate Membership (if not already a member)
New Registered Wedding Planner Membership
(plus first-year processing fee $35) Total: $ 220 first year
M101 $220.00 Add to cart
Professional Development Items (On-Line Version / PDF Format)
Complete Professional Development Program (PDF Format)

This ABC Course will be e-mailed to you in 7 easy to manage, pdf files, including
the Introduction section, the 5 Core sections, and the Final Exam section.
Each pdf file also includes a "warm-up" copy of that section's multiple-choice exam,
but you will actually take all exams on-line, using

Also, we screen our buyers so the computer does not automatically
run your credit card, however your PDP order is to be processed and forwarded
to you within one business day.
PDP99 $475.00 Add to cart
Professional Development Items (CD Format)
Professional Development Program - CD format
10CD $475.00 Add to cart
Professional Development Items (Hard Copy Format)
Professional Development Program - Hard-copy format
10 $475.00 Add to cart
11 $119.00 Add to cart
Sales & Marketing
12 $119.00 Add to cart
Wedding Day
13 $119.00 Add to cart
Related Services
14 $119.00 Add to cart
Planning and Consulting
15 $119.00 Add to cart
Other Items Available (ABC members only please)
Weddings as a Business - CD
09CD $149.00 Add to cart
Weddings as a Business - Hard Copy
09 $149.00 Add to cart
Do You Need a Bridal Consultant Brochure (Qty 50)
18 $25.00 Add to cart
Human Resource Management
Just in Time Human Resources Management with Growing Your Team Without Overextending Yourself DVD
HRM $49.95 Add to cart
ABC Large Umbrella - Qty 1
Umbrella's have a large 60-inch, bride protecting wingspan. Help protect your brides from the rain, or your elderly guests from the sun. Your bride will thank you for being prepared !
UMB_1 $35.00 Add to cart
Working from Home
Working from Home and Virtual Offices for Wedding Professionals This home study course uses Working from Home, 5th Ed. by Paul and Sarah Edwards as a textbook and the course guide provides additional content and readings, website references, worksheets and exercises relevant to the wedding industry. This home study course will help you decide if working from home is right for you and how to have a successful home based business.
WFH $59.00 Add to cart
ABCs Bridal Show Planner
A Guide for Bridal Show Success
BSP $59.00 Add to cart
Lois Pearce - Wedding Customs & Traditions
Wedding Customs & Traditions: Historical Traditions to Incorporate into Modern Weddings – A perfect time-saving supplement to your wedding library. Written by our Director - Ethnic Diversity with the wedding professional in mind, Lois Pearce covers over 30 ethnicities and cultures with specific information including: regional history, religions, pre-wedding, wedding and reception events, attire, resources and more. Completion of the test will entitle you to education credits. Click here for more info
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